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he new TikTok-hit rom-com! Adored The Love Hypothesis? You won't want to miss A Brush with Love, the most sparkling rom-com of the year!Readers are giving A Brush with Love FIVE SHINING STARS!'A Brush with Love is going to be a TOP romance of 2022. Calling it. In January''Oh my TOOTH FAIRY!! This book was so much more than I expected and swept me off my feet' 'Swoony, steamy, adorable .

. . Read.

This. Book. You won't be disappointed.

It's a keeper and Mazey Eddings is on my auto-read list forever''There was so much to love about this book . . .

Thank you to Mazey Eddings for this romance with its messy, true, and painfully real representation of anxiety . . .

We need more books like this in the world'............................................................................. . Anxiously awaiting news from the residency program of her dreams, dental student Harper Horowitz is laser focused.

So crashing (quite literally) into Dan Craige is exactly the sort of dreamy distraction that she is trying to avoid. First-year student Dan may not have the same passion for pulling teeth that Harper does, but he's instantly smitten. When Harper makes it clear that she's not interested in trading fillings for feelings anytime soon, they set out to be 'just friends' - a plan with the best of intentions and the poorest of follow-throughs.

Late nights in the dental lab (and the rather unsubtle match-making efforts of their friends), draw Dan and Harper closer. Still, Harper can't shake the worry that a romance with Dan might risk everything she's worked so hard to build. Harper may have no trouble acing her studies, but falling in love is a whole new challenge.

Nine out of ten dentists agree, A Brush with Love makes your smile brighter!**not scientifically proven............................................................................. . 'Blends sweetness, breathless romance, and moments of striking vulnerability' HELEN HOANG'Prepare to smile, laugh, and cry your way through this witty, fast-paced rom-com starring a passionate heroine and a delicious cinnamon roll hero who knows how to love her just right' EVIE DUNMORE'Mazey Eddings stole my heart with this laugh-out-loud funny, almost unbearably cute debut (and she made me care about dentistry)' ROSIE DANAN'I'm obsessed with this book, and I fully intend to never stop yelling about it.

With a shimmering voice and razor-sharp wit, Mazey Eddings has crafted a contemporary romance masterpiece that made me want to hug my dentist . . .

The most intoxicating slow burn I've read in ages' RACHEL LYNN SOLOMON'Harper and Dan have my whole heart . . .

A Brush with Love is funny and cute while also exploring serious topics, powerfully underscoring the truth that relationships require work, and that happy endings are for everyone' SARAH HOGLE'Tenderly written and oh-so-sexy, A Brush with Love brims with emotional depth, whip-smart banter, and sizzling chemistry' CHLOE LIESEMazey Eddings returns later this year with another unique and swoony rom-com, Lizzie Blake's Best Mistake!

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